palazzo bembo

An atmosphere filled with stories of adventures

With its celebrated history and iconic elegance, Palazzo Bembo is a guardian of the past and
a gatekeeper of the future.

Throughout the ages, the ancient beauty of the Palazzo and the Venetian atmosphere has captured the imagination of nobles, travellers and tradespeople.

Today, this charming spirit is a meeting point for exceptional cultural scenes, luxurious stays and unforgettable experiences.

Palazzo Bembo EGO' Boutique Hotel venice

A timeless


The red açade of the building is an excellent example of Venetian Gothic, a style of architecture believed to have originated in Venice around the 14th century.

Originally from the Italian peninsula, early Gothic forms are influenced by Byzantine Constantinople and Arabic influences from Moorish Spain.

With its three levels of lancet windows and lodges of the original structure, Palazzo Bembo remains the most colourful building overlooking the Grand Canal.

The Bembo 


Known as one of the oldest families in Venetian aristocracy, the noble Bembo family built the Palazzo at the end of the 14th century.

Giovanni Bembo (1543 – 1618) and Pietro Bembo (1470-1547) contributed substantially to writing Venetian, The Great Serenissa, history.

Pietro Bembo, elected as cardinal, was a scholar humanist whose influences contributed to the development of the Italian language. While, Giovanni Bembo assumed the role of the 92nd Doge of Venice in 1615 till his death.

Palazzo Bembo EGO' Boutique Hotel venice

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